Purchasing a horse "off the internet" can be a scary process if you don't know and trust the ranch offering your dream horse. Wendy has been a reputable breeder/trainer/equine consultant for over 30 years. Often a new contact will want to know if there is someone they could contact to get "the rest of the story"...well, here it is! Listed below are a few of the many people who have voluntarily sent a note of gratitude, and will be willing to share their experience with Wendy, our ranch and our horses with you.

1/19/09 Hi Wendy - Just a note to let you know that Montana is doing fantastic. He finished the show year with many championships as well as Horse of the Year at one of the clubs we ride at. We are planning on taking a picture of him surrounded by all the things he won this past year and will be sure to send you a copy. We are moving him up to the A rated shows this year and I attached a couple of pics of him just recently competing. The outdoor pics were from a show last weekend on the grass and the indoor one was the past weekend with him placing 3rd out of 18 in a 1.10 meter (3'7") class (Alyssa was competing against mostly trainers). She placed 2nd out of 11 in the Childrens class as well. Towards the end of February we are planning on taking him to a show circuit called HITS Thermal which will be a big step up for him and Alyssa. She will be riding in a $2500 stakes class for the first time. We are very hopeful that they will both do well. We were at a show in December and ran into the folks that purchased a couple of your horses from you (the one they were showing was by Aztec Eagle and out of China Moon). She was really lovely and did quite well for her first show. Unfortunately, we did not have Montana there for them to see as it was a schooling show for us. Anyway they seem to be very happy with the ones that they have from you. Hope that the new year is filled with more lovely babies from your great stock! Corinne 3/04/09 Hi Wendy - We just returned from the big A show we took Montana to. It was his first time showing at such a high level of competition (horses worth 100K and up). He did you proud by winning over these guys. He ended up with 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth, 1 seventh and 1 eighth. We also showed him in his first stakes competition. He finished 9th both times (just out of the money) but there were 25 in the class both times. The stakes course this last Sunday was probably the most difficult course that Alyssa or Montana has ever seen (according to our trainer) and he only had one rail down. I have attached a couple of the pics that Alyssa's mom took. He loves what he is doing and is so businesslike when he steps in the schooling arena and the shown arena. Wish we had a million more like him! Corinne

 Black and White APHA Tobiano Paint gelding

I LOVE MY HORSE...I LOVE MY HORSE....I LOVE MY HORSE.... Dear little Ms. Wendy -Hey, did I ever tell you how much I LOVE MY HORSE!!!!!!!!!!Oh, and a very Happy (belated...) Thanksgiving to you, Gary, and all the rest of your four legged (and two...) family too!!! I'm sure thankful for alot this Thanksgiving - and for our paths that were meant to cross and for my beautiful boy who I'm so very proud of! He just gets better and better every time I ride - he did a wonderful job up at Lake Como on Wednesday afternoon...passed a man on a mountain bike who Jag just looked at and went right by (he was leading of course!!) Had a great ride - he's turning out to be such an awesome horse - especially his calm attitude which I absolutely adore - just hop on and go - going to be a gem in the showring too - I just know it. You have a wonderful weekend - Thanks again for all the great things you do for the horse industry and all your advice and wealth of knowledge - please know it's soooooo appreciated. Take care and luv ya lots! Rhonda elkridgemt@blackfoot.net (Rhonda was talking about Jag, her two year old Paint!

 Grullo and White APHA Tobiano Paint mare  Grullo and White APHA Tobiano Paint mare
I began contacting Wendy Malone/Spotted Fawn Paint Ranch in 2004 because I fell in love with the foals I located on her website. My first color choice in a paint is the buckskin and/or dun and found Wendy's website through Paint Horse Journal. This contact was the beginning of our continued friendship. I had contacted Wendy via Email and was extremely pleased with her knowledge and professionalism when she responded back. I explained to Wendy that I would like to be on a waiting list for a buckskin/dun paint that would fit into my gymkhana (barrel racing, speed events) schedule. Wendy contacted me after March 31, 2004 and sent me pictures of this beautiful filly "dunskin" and informed me if I was still interested, I could purchase this wonderful foal. I immediately responded "yes!".... Wendy would keep me informed of the foal's training and in August 2004, the filly, Ginger - Docs Fairy Tale, was shipped to me in California. It was a great day for me when Ginger arrived!!!! She was even better in person than she was in the pictures Wendy had been sending. I renamed Ginger to "GO Docs Fairy Tale" on her registration and her call name is Bandit. Bandit is such a love and has shown me her willingness, not only to please me affectionately, but in the arena as well. I took Bandit to her first gymkhana show in 2007 and she placed 2nd in her class!!!!!! I will be concentrating on showing her this year and bring her through the ranks. I am extremely pleased with the quaility of Bandit, and would definately buy another horse from Wendy. If there are any questions you have, that I would be able to answer regarding my dealing with Wendy, please do not hesitate to contact me. Lori A Olson Galvan-Olson (GO) Ranch Snowballs Saints 916-682-6250 (home) email Snowballssaints@frontiernet.net

 Grullo and White APHA Tobiano Paint mare

Hi My name is Diann Paplow. I live @ Fulda, Mn I purchased a grulla paint horse filly from Wendy 3 years ago. I got her as a 4 month old baby. She has been the dream of a lifetime. My purchase was done over the Internet with Wendy. I saw an add in a magazine and decided to check it out. Being the Internet, you can really get taken. I have never met Wendy in person yet. Thats right! So believe me, she is a once in a lifetime person. She is everything. I have no quams about what I would do. You may also ask my trainer about Dezi. Checked out the website, sent an e-mail, and was very impressed. Wendy has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is very honest with you and will not sell you anything that is not what she says it is. She has the reputation she has, because of her personal feelings, honesty and integrity in herself. She sells all over the world, and that has sold people on who and what she is. My filly is so quiet and smart, it is unreal. I found a reputable trainer and took her there as a 2 year old. The trainer says you have one of the best horses I have ever ridden. He says to me" Diann, you did not pay too much for her. You bought quality blood lines and brains. The trainer has a 9 year old daughter, and he trust my filly so much, that he lets his daughter ride her. Everyone in his barn argue who gets to work with her today. His 70 years old helper in the barn says she is the quietest and sweetest horse they have ever had. My trainer is also a clinician and travels all states giving clinics. He has done a wonderful job on Dezi The trainer had me e-mail Wendy, two weeks after he had her to let her know what a wonderful animal she was. Now mind you- 3 weeks after the trainer had her, I went to my first clinic. The trainer told me he would let me ride one of his. Guess what? I get over there and he says you are going to ride Dezi. My response was, You got to be kidding? Nope, she is as good as gold, and you need to trust me. She was doing things as a 2 year old, that seasoned and aged horses would not do. Every clinic I have attended, people always ask me her age and where I got her at. I say 3, and The Spotted Fawn Paints Ranch, in Victor Montana. The trainer could not believe I bought her over the Internet either, because most of those transactions end up being train wrecks. My honest opinion, is I will never buy another horse other then from Wendy. Her horses are all and more then she says. If something is not right she will make it right. Reason I say this, is the first filly I bought from Wendy had to be put down. They had a terrible storm out there and my filly that I had already bought got her elbow broke in 3 places and could not be fixed. I was to go and get her in 2 weeks. Wendy had to make that horrible call and tell me what had happened. When I finally got strong enough to talk to Wendy, she had so many options for me that it was unreal. I could have the Mom to the baby, I could have a fully trained gelding, I could really have whatever I wanted. This woman went out of her way to make this situation the best she could. I chose to wait a year and take the next years baby, which was bred the same way. This whole incident was an act of God. Wendy had done nothing wrong, but try to make a bad situation into a good one I have no doubts as to what I would do. Her bloodlines are the best, and yet she keeps improving them always. She wants nothing other then the best to come from the Spotted Fawn Paint Ranch. This has taken her years to develop and it shows. She is known world wide for her horses. Color, conformation, intelligence. I could show my filly in halter, western pleasure, any class I want and she would be in the placings. So quiet and such a joy to be around. Never bolted, kicked, or drug me any where. I have chosen now @ the age of 3 we are going to do a Versatility Ranch Horse competition in June. We have been in one other competition and we took 1st out of 12. I may not always be @ the top, but I will be in the placings. You see I have been out of the saddle for 20 years and starting over. I could not believe what I had lost over time. It was a lot. This is why your 4 year old daughter will be just fine with any of Wendy's horses. I am sending my e-mail address so you may respond if you wish. I would love to someday meet you and who knows what the Happy Trails Will Bring Us. Very Satisfied Customer Diann Paplow My e-mail address is: diannpaplow@yahoo.com

 Black and White APHA Tobiano Paint mare  Black and White APHA Tobiano Paint mare

Hi, My name is Donna Helm. I live in Apple Valley, CA. I have purchased three wonderful horses from Wendy Malone. I bought my first horse in 2005 for my 40th Birthday. A dream finally coming true. I purchased a Blk and wht colt named Domingo. When he arrived from Wendy and Gary's place she told me he would be bonded to me, he would know me already. The Colt got off the truck took one look at me and knew he was home. We have shared an amazing bond. He is my trail mount and loyal companion. The following year as the foals started arriving I couldn't stay off Wendy's web site. I studied it daily and a filly named "Shamrock" arrived. We purchased her in 2006. In the year following my first purchase Wendy and I became friends and she continued to help me every step of the way as I had many questions raising my first colt. When the time came for Shamrock to be weaned, I took this opportunity to head to Montanna from California to pick up my new filly. I got to spend two of the most memorable days of my life at the Spotted Fawn Ranch! The Lord filled my spirit with the amazing gift Wendy has been blessed with and I was able to get a glimpse into an amazing woman's heart. Shamrock also a blk/wht is now 3 and is showing Western Pleasure and doing very well. Shamrock as a 2 year old has won in the open show ciruit a saddle and several buckles. We are just starting to show this season and we are off to a great start. My most recent purchase was another colt which I intended to start a breeding program around. Unfortunately, my situation for now does not allow that so I have gelded him. He is A Tru Montana Rodeo and excelled last year as a yearling in longe line in the open shows. He is showing great promise as a pleasure prospect. I can not express fully to you how these three horses thave exceeded my expectations. God has blessed me, through Wendy, by giving me these horses. Each one has a kind, gentle spirit, eager to please, big hearts, very loyal, trusting, and each of mine have a love of children that is so precious. Each of my weanlings came to me trained and simple to handle. Wendy's early training has really carried through. Blessings, ~Donna~ cowgirl4christtoo@msn.com 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

 Blue Roan and White APHA Tobiano Paint stallion

We would highly recommend Wendy Malone as a reliable and honest breeder and seller of International quality Paints and QH's. Buying and importing a horse into another country is fraught with risks and being able to trust the word of the seller is so imperative. We found Wendy to be completely true to her word and helpful in so many ways. Offering us support and her time most generously, as we went through this process. When Sampson (Heza Blue Tom Cat) arrived here in Australia we found him to be everything she had described and more and could not have been happier with our decision to purchase him. A well handled and educated Stallion with a beautiful nature he is our pride and joy. We are very grateful to Wendy for her expertise and honesty and are happy to send this reference about her to you. Sincerely Yours Bianca and Tamara www.tashanorpark.com Melbourne, Australia

 Red Roan and White APHA Tobiano Paint stallion  Red Roan and White APHA Tobiano Paint stallion

Marcia Graves P.O.Box 70 Kooskia, Idaho 83539 mmgraves@q.com I am writing a letter of recommendation to you about Wendy Malone, owner of the Spotted Fawn Paint Ranch, in Victor Montana. About us: I have known Wendy personally for 6 years now and knew about her ranch a couple years before that. We bought a black paint mare from a gentlemen in Washington, that had owned a stallion out of Wendy's famous Nevada Wardrum stallion. He bred his beautiful black mare to his stallion Wardrum Royal, son of Nevada Wardrum (Wendy's stallion) and I bought the mare bred, and we got a beautiful black and white filly that we call Princess. She is about to have her second foal from Wendy's Aztec Eagle stallion who is really a beautiful stallion. We were so impressed with the quality of a filly Princess turned out to be, from the black mare that we bought from the gentleman that we decided to go to Wendy's ranch and breed our black mare directly to her stallions to get closer bloodlines with her great breeding program, so we drove over to her ranch in Victor to meet her and we were so impressed with her horses and my husband and my first impression was her horses were all beautiful built and nice minded, and you could walk right amongst all of them, pet the stallions and babies, and they were the healthiest horses we had ever seen. We didn't know Wendy, but instantly liked her as she was very nice, warm and kind, to us strangers, and showed us around her ranch and let us see all of her nice horses, and that is where our friendship and business began. We bred our black mare two more times to Heza Blue Tomcat stallion of Wendy's and got the most beautiful red roan colt and then the next year a beautiful black and white one. We then bred our Princess mare to Aztec Eagle and got a beautiful stud colt Diamond from Aztec. We bred her back again to Aztec and are expecting a new foal any day now. They are really exceptional geldings that we got from her stallions and we get so many people commenting on the quality and beauty of our horses and all of them come from Wendy's bloodlines that she has worked all her life to build. We don't have time to show our horses, as we own a small nursery, and my husband builds cabinets and works at the local highschool in maintenance. We wanted good quality horses, with great bloodline and many people wish we would show them, but we really don't have the time to spare. We have been offered quite a bit of money for them, but so far we have only let one go, as they are so nice minded, we can't part with them. I ride Princess in parades and show her foals and get the best horse award ribbon's several times. About Wendy... She has the best bloodlines in the Paint an Quarterhorse world that we have found, and has worked all of her life to get to this point. She has sold horses all over the world for all disciplines (Reining, Western Pleasure, Hunter Jumper, Polo, Dressage, barrel racing and more). Wendy is GREAT to work with. She only wants the best for her horses that she sells. We have known her to turndown a sale if she didn't think the people and horses were a good match for each other. She always thinks of the horse first and its future. She just sold one of the stallions that we have used (Heza Blue Tomcat) to a breeding ranch called Tashanor Park in Australia. You should view this stallion one that she bred and raised. He is awesome, and our red roan colt is on their sight as one of his sons. Wendy has become a wonderful dear friend to us through her horse program. She is probably the most knowledgable horse person we know. She is always ready to answer an Email or a phone call day or night to help people with horse problems. She has had extensive veterinarian experience, and helped us save a colt over the phone on her advice on a weekend when we couldn't get hold of a vet. She counseled us through the lost of my husbands beloved 12 year old gelding that died of an aneurism on the trail when he was riding him. We were heartbroken. She gently eased us through it, over the phone, and helped us understand what had happened to him, and nothing wrong that we had done to lose him. She helped me over the phone when our black mare Lacy would not clean out after foaling and her advice worked after our vets help that did not. She is always busy with all her own work, but never to busy to take time to help others, even in the middle of the night. She is defiantly the Alpa horse of her herd and her horses and stallions really respect her totally and when she walks among them they all come to her with love and respect. You just have to experience it with a visit to her ranch. My husband and I are truly amazed at what we have seen when visiting and have our mare bred to her stallions. I love to watch her web site and all the new babies and how quick they are snatched up by waiting customers for one of her special foals. She has a wonderful imprinting video that she made that I have. I imprint all our foals, and had another video on imprinting, but liked hers much better so gave the other one away. She also wrote a book about her favorite horse Stormy that she had and should read it as gives insight to her soul. There is a possibility that it will be made into a movie in the future. Everyone that I know of and have read about absolutely love her horses that they have bought from her and just check out her website as many have won in the show rings. Her knowledge of the horse world and genetics is truly amazing and I trust her completely. Her stallions have made our bloodlines tremendous and we have beautiful horses and her great bloodlines, temperament and beauty in our horses to show for it. When you buy her horses, you also get her personal imprinted foals and training that goes with the horse and is the base of such a wonderful start for the horse's mind. I learned allot from her and incorporate it in our training with our horses too and has really helped me out allot. You will get the best when you buy from Wendy and much more with all her help and knowledge that she shares with her customers and friends. She is truly a very honest and caring professional lady and everyone we know that have bought from Wendy feels the same way we do. She will always be there for anyone long after the sale is done and I am proud to own horses from her bloodlines for sure.

Sincerely Marcia Graves

My name is Helen Rettmer and I’m writing to you to tell you about my work and friendship with Wendy Malone. I’m a vet from Switzerland, just finished last summer and I’m now working in a large horse clinic in Northern Germany. I met Wendy the first time in March 03 when I went to work on her ranch before starting veterinary college. I’ve been to her ranch 5 times working with her for 7 or 8 months all together. And I’m hoping for many more opportunities to work with her. Wendy is a very experienced horse woman with a natural gift for working with horses and understanding them. As we worked hand in hand for the long days and nights during breeding and foaling season I was able to learn so much about horse training from her. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. I always enjoyed working with her and learning from her. She is a fantastic teacher and never loses her patience. Although we had never met before I immediately felt myself at home and as part of the family and we became best friends. Wendy is the kind of person you just have to love, she has so much energy and never holds back her love and friendship. Her horses are bred and trained to the best, the stallions are very well behaved and no problem to handle. All foals are imprinted and trained so they are all sweet and will bond with their new owner quickly. Being around her horses or working with them is wonderful as they are all trained with love and patients but never handled cruelly or punished unnecessarily. All her horses trust her (e.g. they’ll follow her into a trailer although they’ve never been in one before) and no matter how messed up a horse was before it came to her they all come to love and trust her. I hope this will help you to know what kind of person Wendy Malone is and how serious she is about her work as I find it hard to put to words all the things we have experienced and what she means to me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further help. Helen Rettmer helen@craniac.org Phone: 0049 5438 95 85 73 Berne, Switzerland


San Jose, April 18th, 2009 Dear Friends, I really don’t have your names, but I write with pleasure our experience -as family, horse owners, and business people- in dealing with Wendy Malone, of Painted Fawn Ranch, in Victor, Montana, over the last three years. Living in Costa Rica, but at the same time very familiar with the US, through constant business and often visits – our Company P & F is a major flower grower and exporter into the US, Canada and Europe- we started a very detailed search over American territory to find high quality, good tempered, excelled beauty and impeccable genetics- to buy three paint horses: one stallion and two mares, for our beginning paint quarter horse farm. The search narrowed to a couple of places which we personally visited to see and evaluate the horses, as well as the surroundings in which they had been brought up. Although every single place was worth the ticket, Spotted Rawn Paint Ranch was our best in the list. Being there in person, we could see and experience -first hand- Ms. Malone’s outstanding knowledge about breeding and raising superb quality horses. Soon after our visit, our stallion A TRU SPARK OF ROLEX, and two beautiful fillies, DOCS PAINTED QT and EASY MORNING MIST, started their journey towards Costa Rica. Their quality training enabled us to start riding and enjoying them pretty soon after they were here. We are expecting Misty’s and Shanty’s first foals in a couple of weeks. As you might know, the process to export and import horses into foreign countries is not an easy one: vet checkups, vaccines, quarantines, trucks, planes, boxes, airports… but with Wendy’s guidance and support everything went in an easy step by step process, ending up with the great happiness of receiving “Toby”, “Misty”, and “Shanti” safe and sound into our farm “Hacienda Altacresta” in the middle of a volcanic cordillera near the Atlantic Coast in Turrialba, Costa Rica. We have a big family, four girls and two boys. They range in age from 6 to 18 yrs old. They all like to ride. So as you can imagine, these horses became part of a big horse-loving family. My two oldest daughters and I, have a small barrel racing, pole bending and reining team. We have fun on and off competing in a couple of small shows around the country as part of our family life. Ever since we started this business relationship, Wendy has become a close family friend, thousands of miles away. My teenage daughter has received lots of valuable guidance from her and her valuable knowledge as a horse breeder and trainer. I could go on writing all the positive things we have learned and experienced in dealing with Wendy and her beautiful, loving horses. For us, as a family and as horse owners, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to have dealt with her, and surely, we’ll be looking forward of doing it again anytime. Feel free to contact us directly if you need further references. Sincerely yours, Cecil & Maria M. Alfaro Hacienda Altacresta Costa Rica email mmora@pyfosa.com

To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to write to you about my business and personal experiences dealing with Wendy Malone over the past 15 years. I have found her to be one of the most honest, trustworthy, conscientious and caring individuals I have ever dealt with. Although I had started out with Quarterhorses with what could be called a "very small family horse business", I wanted to expand and eventually include some well bred Paints. I had done a lot of research of Paint breeders here in Washington state at the time and could not locate the quality, color and bloodlines I was seeking. Since I was visiting northern Montana in the summer of 1994, I decided to try to locate a breeder there. An uncle told me about Wendy's ranch and I arranged a visit with her. On my induced short notice, she said she would be happy to show me her stock although the weanlings she had were already sold. I drove the 3 hours to her ranch and was not disappointed in her stock. I felt bad that this visit lasted well over 2 hours knowing how busy she must be, however, she was extremely generous with her time and explained her breeding program, the bloodlines and the disciplines these bloodlines excelled in. It was a pleasure to meet someone that took exceptional care of their animals and their environment. A few years ago I sold my last horse. The years without having a horse were difficult and I decided to search for another horse, this time a Paint. Over the years I have kept in contact with Wendy and admired her new crop of babies each spring as they arrived. Even though all those years I had no intention of purchasing a horse, Wendy graciously took the time to say thank you and unselfishly spending time "talking horses". When I finally made the decision to start the process, the only person I felt I could trust was Wendy. As I am now up in years a bit, I asked Wendy if she would help me find a nice, gentle riding horse in the Montana area perhaps a few months down the road. I was so confident in her that I did not make any effort in Washington but wanted to rely on someone's experience I knew I could trust. When we first talked, Wendy did not have any of her own stock available but she stated she would be more than happy to find a suitable horse. She agreed without hesitation even knowing at that time that she did not have any of her stock available. Having a lot of knowledge of her training abilities and knowledge about horses, I felt the horse she would recommend would meet her strict expectations as to what I was looking for. Several weeks passed and yet she kept me informed of how her search was going. Knowing how busy she was, I was really impressed at the fact that she kept me apprised of her efforts to locate a horse that would fit my needs as well as my financial ability at the time. As it turned out, I was fortunate enough to obtain one of her pregnant mares and the 4 month old colt at her side. She made a very equitable arrangement with me and continued to check my progress once I received the horses. Several times I have asked for her advice on a few situations with the colt that I lacked knowledge in...she has always been available to explain what the situation meant or how I could fix it without hesitation. In all of the cases, I guess one could say "operator error" (owner). Wendy is one of those rare individuals that not only knows our equine friends inside and out, but also has a genuine caring for the people she does business with. If I were younger and starting in the horse breeding business, I would depend on Wendy's judgment and recommendations without question to build a successful program like hers. The mare I purchased from her is everything Wendy promised her to be and so much more. She is gentle, kind and very enjoyable to be around. She has been this way since the very first day. The mare is exactly what I wanted. Just this week we were blessed with a beautiful buttermilk buckskin colt by Wendy's one stallion. He is absolutely beautiful, well bred and will be a joy to own. Wendy's expertise at breeding in my opinion, is unsurpassed. Although breeding horses never became my niche, I spent 30 years in the criminal justice system where a person really gets to read and quickly interpret personalities and size up people. Wendy is a special person that has dedicated her entire life to horses and is breeding some of the very best. This was evident the day I met her. Her honesty and integrity is impeccable. Sincerely, Charlene Smith, Onalaska, WA

My name is Sharon Woodlief, I am now a friend of Wendy Malone's. Wendy is a person of amazement, I look up to and admire her. She is an outstanding trainer, and breeder. She imprints all of her horses the moment they are born, and she does her own training. She has more experience in horses than any one else I know, and I have owned horses most of my life. I believe it was the year 2003 when I purchased my first mare from Wendy. I bought one of her Paint mares by the name of Dolly, she was in foal, had been bred to Aztec Eagle. She foaled a beautiful black/white filly which I named Shanti. Shanti is beautiful, gentle, very showy, and so very smart. When Shanti was 3yrs old she was sold to a very nice man in Costa Rica, the first show that they entered her in she took first place. I had no doubts nor did Wendy that this young mare would win in the show ring, as do most of Wendy's horses. Shanti has outstanding pedigree, as does her dam. I was so impressed with Wendy's horses that within the year I purchased another mare from her that also was in foal. Delta, she had been bred to A Tru Spark of Rolex. She gave me a beautiful black/white colt that is also homozygous...The sweetest boy I have ever owned and will be an outstanding stallion. He too would win in the show ring. But it does not stop there, this year I purchased two more fillies from her Spice, that has Aztec Eagle her grandsire, Eagle Feather her dam and A Tru Spark of Rolex her sire. She will make an outstanding reining roping prospect, dressage and show mare and broodmare due to the fact that she is black/white homozygous also. The other filly is Canela, she is a beautiful AQHA dun out of NuBars Genuine Chex and Colonel Sugar Dolly and much more, she will make an outstanding working cow prospect. Both of these fillies are sweet and gentle, and both very showy, their conformation is perfect, not to mention their pedigree. Since the moment that I purchased my first mare from Wendy , I have gone back for more and will continue to do so. She works with you in anyway that she can. She is organized in everything that she does and makes buying from her a breeze and a very easy experience. I will continue to purchase horses from Wendy in the future. Whether you are looking for a cutting, reining, cow working, show, stallion horse or just a broodmare, and pleasure riding horses, jumpers, Wendy Malone is the one to go to, she has them all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have, or if you would like to see any pictures of the horses that I have, please do not hesitate to ask. My email address is lilcountry@sti.net. I have raised and bred Paints and Quarter horses, and miniature horses for the last 12yrs, before that I did 2 yrs of rescuing horses and placing them in " forever " homes. Wendy is trustworthy and reliable, she backs what she says, I have referred many of my friends to her, and will continue to do so. Sincerely: Sharon Woodlief

Hello, My name is Elizabeth Oppel. I have had wonderful experencies with Wendy Malone and her horses. I have known Wendy for the past 5 or more years. I had the privelage of buying one of her colts last year. Wendy was very easy to get along with during the payments and shipping. She set up the shipper and the vet dates for me. Wendy is very trustworthly and honest with her business. The colt I bought is exellent to work with and was already very well trained when he got to my house. I live in Hollidaysburg, Pa and Nugget(the colt) was my third addition to my herd. I took Nugget to my 4H Production show and won the class, we went on to the State show after that. Nugget was very easy to train. He is willing to please and calm. I started riding him on March 21st as he will be two years old in May. I did alot of ground work with Nugget the first year I had him and the first time I got on him it only took a couple minutes for him to figure out things. I could not ask for a better horse to work with. I have noticed in Wendy's horses that they love to have a bond with you and give all they possiblity can give to please you. My neice who is only a year old can be around Nugget without him getting all excited when she screams in delight. Nugget was very easy to pony with my other horse, even on the road. He is very calm about "scary" situtations. Once he has the chance to smell and think about it he has the "ok it won't kill me and I trust you" additude. Picking out Nugget was very easy with Wendy's help. I barrel race and would like to do reining/cutting someday. Wendy told me which horses would be best for what I wanted and filled me in on their dam/sire's history. If I ever buy anymore horses I will buy from Wendy. She is serious about her business and understands horses and quality extremly well. Nugget stands for the farrier, being body clipped, bathed, and trailers well. Buying Nugget was the best investment I have made because he is a wonderful horse that gives 110% and has great talent. Wendy is a caring horsewoman who understands the needs of quality horses in the world. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Sincerly, Elizabeth Oppel, Pa. email svhorsegirl15@aol.com

Hello, It is with great pleasure that I recommend Wendy Malone and any of her horses. I have known Wendy for the past 4 years and have spent many hours with her on her ranch. She is one of the most upstanding, hardworking individuals I know. She is easy to work with, honest, and the most knowledgeable horse person that I have ever come across. She is patient and kind to both human and equine; the quality of her horses is superior. The simple fact that she takes the time to imprint all her foals makes all the difference in the world. All her horses are kind and very friendly and respectable. While her horses are all show quality, (in my eyes) they are sweet enough and smart enough to be your best friend at home too. I have bought 2 horses from Wendy and they are my sweetest and most well trained horses. I didn’t grow up with horses in my life, so as a late-bloomer in the horse world, I am so thankful to have someone there that I can trust and ask ANY horse question; knowing that I will get an honest and knowledgeable answer means the world to me. I have already been down that road of buying the wrong horse, dealing with dishonest people and losing a lot of money in the middle of it all. Wendy stands by all her horses. She loves them and is very careful of where and who she is letting them go to; they are her family and she really cares about them. If you are lucky enough to know Wendy Malone and bring one of her horses into your life, you would be considered blessed. If you have any questions you can call me on my cell phone at: (406) 396-0420 Sincerely, Nancy Gast Corvallis School District #1 Corvallis, MT. 59828 email nancyg@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Hi! I am a breeder of American Paint horses and polo ponies in Cornwall, England. Several years ago I was looking for a foundation brood mare to start my paint horse breeding program here in the UK. I had looked at a lot of horses for sale in this country but none of which fulfilled my requirements. I decided to look to the USA to fulfil my dreams!! After looking at countless websites and talking to breeders in the US, I contacted Wendy who had a beautiful black tobiano mare for sale ' Aztecs Painted Queen'. From the very first email I realised that Wendy really knew her horses! I received, in great detail, loads of info and photos regarding the horse, all about her bloodlines, conformation, disposition, suitability for the job I wanted her for etc. The deal was struck and in 2007 'Joy' arrived. I waited with great intrepidation as she was the first horse I'd bought off the internet 'blind'. I needn't have worried! She has turned out to be everything Wendy said she would be, has an amazing disposition, fantastic body and would easily show.. just an amazing mare who will never be sold! I have subsequently bought a future stallion from Wendy, 'Gabriels Ghost', a unique silver grullo colt, who arrived last year as a yearling... so well trained and well mannered as Wendy does lots of training and imprinting at an early age. He has exceeded all expectations! I took him to his first show last year with over 30 in the class! The judge commented on how well behaved he was! I have also bought a new mare from Wendy who will arrive later this year which I am really excited about. Wendy is a true professional and is so knowledgeable about bloodlines and her stock which she has been breeding for over 30 years.. I feel so lucky to have 'found' her and am often emailing her for advice which she always gives me her honest opinion and and an educated reply! If you are looking for a World Class paint horse, be it for showing, reining or a just fantastic family horse ( and be the envy of everyone else!!), I would highly recommend buying stock from Wendy... just look at her website, even in recession she has sold most of this years foal crop!! If you have a moment please check out my website www.chapelfarmstud.com Wishing you the best of luck for the future, Kind Regards, Ellie Kuun.

Hello: My name is Teri Crutchfield. I live in San Diego County, in Southern California. I have a small ranchita where I have several Paint horses that I have purchased from Wendy and have had the fortune to have many many others come through my ranch. I was fortunate to meet Wendy about 10 years ago through a friend. Having been raised around horses all my life, and generally being around "cowboys", you can imagine my surprise when I walked on her ranch and was immediately surrounded by about 30 of the most beautiful Paints I have ever seen. The babies, from weeks old to yearlings as well as their Momma's all surrounded me for loving, pets and to get a curious smell of this stranger. I was astounded by the gentleness of each and everyone of them. The ability to touch, pet, love on and even kiss the nose of a foal just weeks old was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced. Needless to say I had to find out more about the phenomenal woman who's guidance had given these horses the ability to trust a perfect stranger and bring me right into their herd. From the first time we spoke to even now 10 years down the road, I am ever amazed at the knowledge and experience of Wendy's life. She is kind, gentle and the type of person you are automatically drawn to. I was so interested in gaining a tiny bit of what she knows so that I could take it back to California with me and work with my own horses. She willingly and freely has spent as much time as I wanted, teaching, talking and showing me her ways. That first meeting of her herd led me down a long path. I fell in love with one of her breeding stock colts who had wandered far from his Mama. His name was "Drifter". Then out of the barn came the most beautiful Dun mare I had ever seen. I had to have them, and thankfully Wendy felt something in me that she said was "special" as this mare needed someone like that, and they came home with me that first trip. To sit in the corral while Drifter slept with his head on my lap was an experience I will never forget and one that I have been fortunate to repeat time and time again as I bred my own horses and did my best to imprint and raise them following Wendy's footsteps to the best of my ability. Subsequent to bringing home this beautiful mare and foal, I have over the years acquired many horses from Wendy's ranch. I began my own breeding program mirroring her methods and have raised and sold a multitude of quality Paint horses that have been built on Wendy's breeding programs. Every single horse that has left my property has had the same result as those that leave Wendy's. Everybody who comes in contact with these fine horses want to know where they come from - and are there others like them? Every horse I obtained from Wendy had an incredible mind, a willingness to learn and a gentle nature. I have never had one of them show me a single sign of difficulty and would trust my youngest granddaughter to be around any one of then, including the stud colts. Her breeding program is outstanding combining the best of the best and with her guidance and training, there are no better horses around. It is my firm belief after being involved with horses all my life, and having been in rodeos, performance shows and show rings, that a horse has to love what he does and have a desire to please to really do well. That is what Wendy breeds, raises and trains. Horses that are loving, gentle, want to please and perform well in all aspects of their life, from home to the show ring. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy and her ranch to anyone who wants a quailty horse that will be there for a lifetime. If you would like to speak with me in person, please feel free to do so. You can email me back and I will provide my cell number if you are interested in that. Good luck with your search for the perfect horse. If you are considering one of Wendy's you are definitely in the right direction! Thank you for your time. Teri Crutchfield Ramona, CA

Hello, I wanted to share with you my knowledge of Wendy Malone and her ranch. I have a lot of first hand experiences with Wendy, as I live pretty much next door to her. She is a Christian woman who recently and continues to help me through a particularly hard time, as I broke my leg this last Christmas and she and her husband came over and did water, feeding and veterinary care for all my 'equine kids' throughout my ordeal. Almost 4 months worth of extra work for them. I am still amazed at the wonderful and giving people they are and wouldn't accept any kind of monetary or reimbursements for helping. Wendy told me, it was their blessings to come over every night and morning to help me, as that was their way of doing things through the Lord. I live by myself, and have 6 horses and 20 acres to tend, as well as do rescue work w/afghan hounds. It is about the animals first and foremost in Wendy and Gary's world. My friendship evolved in the Spring of 2003, when I was on a drive, casually looking at the Spring scenery, when I happened down a gravel road, where there were a small number of foals and moms in a pasture...something drew me into their eyes and expressions, that had never been anything like that had happened to me before....I was mesmerized and intrigued how personable and sweet these babies were...I lived in town and had not a thought in my mind about baby horses that day...well, in God's guidance, and almost a magnetic mysterious pull brought me to the house driveway, and was greeted by Wendy's husband with a big smile and wave...and I told him about my experience. He invited me to come and take a look, and I absolutely fell in love, I truly was surrounded in pastures by loving dams and babies, all curious, sweet, and wanting to see if I would come and pet them.....Wendy was busy training (imprinting a baby) and after she was done, she invited me into the house, and we went over pedigrees, pictures of old horses, and I was truly smitten by the look of these paints. Many I had seen before were not as 'typey and special and athletic' and all of them seemed to live this wonderful majical life on a ranch where they can run, and frolic and learn horse behaviors, with each and every one, curious and loving, and somehow, just content and happy too. AND the most amazing thing happened during that first visit...a mare started to foal in the barn, and I got to witness first hand the birth in the middle of the afternoon as well as Wendy's imprinting techniques. Was I ever in horse heaven...needless to say, I now own three Paints from Wendy Malone, as well as 3 Friesian horses, and I would never have horses if it weren't for how personable and loving and trustworthy and sweet my horses were/are from Wendy. I also have also helped her during breeding season and watched her methods in breeding her horses, and it is all so natural and pure, and honestly, Wendy is part horse, I think, and knows just what they are thinking, and she able to get things accomplished even with horses that come in that are normally not easily handled, and soon she has them doing just what she wants by talking to them and in her mannerisms telling them they can have confidence that she would not hurt them, and they somehow know she will be safe. I have never even seen Wendy do any 'cowboy' type twitching, or 'breaking the horse'... everything has a balance to her actions, that is all done w/love and natural bonding, and patience, and understanding. Quite frankly, the horses look to her for guidance and feel her strength and love, and soon forget about what it was that was bothering them...she is truly amazing. Her pedigree programs are all very interesting, as I have come to know more since moving close by Wendy. She is constantly finding just the right homes for the right horses, and I would say that is her forte'. There is a saying in my house, that says, horses and critters first, people last...and this is what I see with Wendy...she will stay sleepless for months if need be to take care of her equine kids, and I personally have two daughters out of The Aztec Eagle I will keep until I die, as they look to me as the herd member and boss, and are just a joy to share my life with. You cannot ask for anyone better to work with, more honest than she and Gary, and know their stuff. Everyone calls Wendy around here for foaling and vet care, and she is as accomplished in those areas as she is in knowing bloodlines, and genetics and looking for old foundation and blending w/some new to keep the quality at a level that is vibrant and healthy. My horses are very healthy and easy beautiful movement, that is easy to ride and sit. One more thing, and then I will go. Gary and Wendy are very interested in working w/missionary intentions, and Wendy's first promise every foaling season, is the sale of the first baby money goes to the Work of God and a mission somewhere. Gary goes annually if not bi-annually to various parts of the world to built schools and hospitals and work with teaching folks how to grow food, or have livestock....again, never receiving any 'payments' for this work, but do it because it is what they know to be what the lord is asking of them at that time. I could go on for pages...but will stop here. I am a professional woman by trade, with a legal degree. I worked for the Attorney General's Office Ft. Lauderdale Florida before moving to Montana...and I worked in Consumer Litigation where our investigations were against Deceptive and Unfair Business Practices of people, companies, etc. Coming to Montana, made my eyes and heart fill up again w/hope, and the most true life a person can live...this is a place where a "HANDSHAKE" will still be better than a contract!!! It is about Trust and Liking oneself and the motives of why we do things make us all feel better, because it was the next right thing to do, and Wendy gives it all shes got to make sure that her clients, horses and all can live happily ever after. She is always available to answer questions and help way beyond what most people would do. Knowledge of her pedigrees and the horses themselves help in answering a lot of genetic questions, health issues, and she is truly honest to a fault, maybe. She does it not to sell you a horse for the money, she does it because she loves her horses, and she loves what she does! Regards, Lynn Vining Blue Moon Ranch