When Wendy Malone overheard the old rancher say he would give the outlaw colt called Stormy to anyone who could capture him and haul him away, the young horsewoman had little idea the dramatic impact those words would have on her life. The story tells how a courageous young woman captured and, through ancient training methods learned from Nez Perce Indians, won the love and trust of this magnificent young horse whose spirit was as free and wild as the storm that heralded his birth. It is a story not so much of horse and master, but of two wild spirits that dared to step out of their human and equine worlds to meet each other half way and join in a partnership of love and mutual respect. Together they became more than their individual sums as they worked on cattle and racing ranches through out the northwest and rode the wild mountains of Colorado and Montana. "Riding the Eye of the Storm" is their story.

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