The name of this tape gives a good clue to its subject matter. In it, trainer Wendy Malone teaches you what it means to become a member of your horse's herd and then explains how you can do exactly that.

            Malone considers herself a female horse whisperer and offers the secrets of her success with the equine species. She explains how nature's way in the wild carries over to domesticated horses, and that working with that information we can better understand and handle our equine partners.

            She details the psychology of the pecking order, which all horses live by and is something we, as humans, must learn if we are to communicate effectively with our horses.

            Imprinting techniques are Malone's methods for bonding with horses and she demonstrates how she performs them on a newborn foal. She also shows you what items she would have on hand in an imprinting kit.

            Malone is a good teacher and very specific in her instruction. The tape, produced by Tranquility Video, is well done with good picture and sound. It runs approximately an hour and is priced at $19.95 plus $4.50 s/h. Shipped immediately upon receipt of check or money order.

                        Western Horseman, Jan. 1999







A video starring Wendy Malone


            This video shows some exceptional work in imprinting foals from birth, three times in the first 24 hours of life and repeated lessons throughout their growth. While wild horse footage and some exceptional pasture footage of mares and foals is used to create a beautiful and pleasant video to watch, there is little devoted to the actual imprinting of adult wild horses. The topic is brought up and the watcher is cautioned to be careful, as the wild horse can respond with violence to what it doesn't understand. But you don't see how Wendy Malone goes from the maniac running in circles to the pet-being-rubbed stage.

            Her imprinting techniques are somewhat different and the initial session relies on handling the foal before it has a chance to rise. The foal is dried with a towel and cradled in the lap, hear the mare, who gets her chance to nuzzle and lick while Malone rubs, fondles, rolls the foal about and does everything possible to seal her dominance. In response, the foals lie back and drowse after initial feistiness. A rattly sack of cans, a portable clipper, a spray bottle of water and other props come into use to establish that everything is okay. This is perfect for the new equine grandparent who is waiting for their favorite mare to make a special delivery.

            Indeed, it is a very special video to watch.

                        The Quarter Horse Journal, December 1998.