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A non refundable $500 deposit will hold your foal until weaned.

All the 2016 foals have been sold and are at their new homes! A BIG THANK YOU TO THE LORD AND ALL OUR CLIENTS WHO BOUGHT OUR SPECIAL FOALS!

THE 2017 FOALS START ARRIVING THE END OF FEBRUARY, SO PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT ON YOUR NEXT DREAMHORSE! Your foal will arrive professionally trained by imprinting from birth so they are easy to catch, they lead and tie, trim, trailer and have had only gentle desensitizing training so they come safe to be around and are bonded with all humans. They have been dewormed every 4 weeks, given custom made mineral/vitamin foal supplements for strong bones and tissue growth. All are bred for gentle quiet dispositions. They are all trained and ready to show as many sell to show clients. All are APHA/AQHA registered and I stand behind every horse sold here.



You gotta see JUMPING JACK FLASH! From birth through imprinting...this clip shows the special bond these babies have with Wendy Malone.

Wendy Malone

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ANGELS WINGS Black/White Tobiano filly born August 10, 2017 out of The Aztec Eagle and...
"WRANGLED FROM HEAVEN"**Bella** 2003 Black Silver Tobiano APHA mare. She is believed to be the very first APHA horse tested and confirmed as being a carrier of the elusive and highly desirable silver (Z) gene. She and her dam, Stars Angel Too, were featured in the article "Precious Metal", which ran in the February 2009 edition of the APHA Journal. She is a true black silver (silver dapple) tobiano. Bella does not carry any common silver ancestors with the known silver AQHA lines. This is a true APHA silver line. She is a shining example of the incredible versatility offered by the Paint breed. She had a successful dressage show stint in 2010. Consistently placing in the ribbons at every show she attended.

ON AUGUST 10th....WRANGLED FROM HEAVEN had 'ANGELS WINGS' a black and white tobiano filly out of THE AZTEC EAGLE! She will be tested for the Silver gene and homozygous tobiano, but either way...she is STUNNING! Never a more beautiful sleek modern built body with Aztecs natural arch in her neck and the prettiest feminine head he always throws. She is a baby doll of outstanding proportions. She is everything dreams are made of here at the Spotted Fawn. What a blessing and gift she is. So easy to imprint as she just wants to be near you with that inbred loving quiet genetics we breed here and so intelligent that she willingly picks up everything being asked of her and on her way to being a show trained little princess of the class she presents by her very presence and spirit for life. A joy to work with and one for the books! Just born at hours old here. ****NOTICE the ANGELS WINGS on top of her bottom!!!! In person they feather out perfectly as wings!


'ESPERANZA' born 3-25-17 APHA Black and White Homozygous Tobiano filly out of GOIN TO THE CASH BAR (by THE AZTEC EAGLE) and STETSON WEST. She is elegant, will be fast enough to really turn the barrels and quiet enough to do anything else you would like to do...from winning in the show ring to using her legendary speed (AQHA STIRRIN UP CASH) and dominant reining genetics (APHA THE AZTEC EAGLE) to create some of the future legendary high performance Paint horses of all time!


'SKYLARK' born 4-12-17 an APHA Homozygous Brown Tobiano filly....Out of The Aztec Eagle and APHA Homozygous Tobiano dam 'Painted Morning Dove'...a Buttermilk Buckskin/Dun by Big Gunner. Major reining bred filly to be a top contender in the show ring and breed for more show champion performance bred paints. Beautiful face markings and pattern along with the dominant quiet genetics that come with these lines for that quiet gentle spirit on the outside and tons of inner impulsion with the muscle and power to carry her into any discipline with that smooth moving gait we breed for for a comfortable ride in the saddle all day. Will mature 15-2.


'COMPADRE' born March 23, 2017 is an APHA Tobiano Cream/Grulla stud colt out of ONE LONESOME DOVE and BIG GUNNER. These designer 'grullo' colors in a paint are rare and he certainly shows his gorgeous markings and dun factor plus upon his arrival. Still wet after imprinting at his birth and less than an hour old, he stood up within the first hour. With a pedigree of legends in this beautiful boy to be able to accomplish anything athletic in fields of reining, reined cow horse and the ever popular ranch versatility, he will also be your best friend with the double bred quiet gene pool bred in from the dam line consistently....he'll steal your heart and the ribbons! Will mature around 15-2 with excellent conformation of balance and smooth gaits to sit all day long in comfort, but hold on to your hat if you ask for speed. It's in there! Ones like COMPADRE are rare and certainly a gift to enjoy for life! SOLD! Congratulations Lauren Cone of Oregon who will be showing him in Reining!


'THE MARSHALL' born 3-27-17...'The Marshall' is in town! APHA Homozygous Tobiano Mahogany Bay stud colt out of STETSON WEST and'My Cherokee Rose'(by BIG GUNNER by THE BIG GUN). The dam is out of Lil Ruf Peppy AQHA and Hollywood Dun It AQHA, by Hollywood Jac 86. This colt will be a layered deep reining prospect with the bloodlines he carries in his sire and dam lines. Proven dominance in this field of discipline. Will be a super athlete to watch for in any performance arena. SOLD! CONGRATULATIONS STACEY AND FAMILY!!


'THE MAESTRO' born March 19, 2017...APHA black and white tobiano stud colt out of 'Sheza Rhapsody Cat' and 'A Dash of Perks' (AQHA). This colt is already up to my chest and will be 16 hands easy. Bred to run and do performance in any area of discipline you choose in Western and English riding or of course...bred for barrels. Comes with that genetic inbred quiet gentle disposition we are known for breeding into our genetic lines in stallions and mares to have an easy going spirit that loves to please and yet that inner impulsion is there if you ask for it. Another one to draw to that will only achieve greatness in whatever you put him to as well as be your best partner to work with and family horse you'll cherish. Can't beat a classic black and white horse with the elegance and beauty that gets you noticed and we all love to just enjoy looking at each day. ***SOLD!***


'LIGHTFOOT' born 3-24-17 APHA Copper Dun Homozygous Tobiano stud colt out of Stetson West and Mandolin Rain.....He will be 16 hands and has a long stride already covering ground in short order. Beautiful minimal white with lots of primitive markings of dun factor. Will go any direction you would like in high performance in Western or English. A sweet disposition genetically with the athleticism of a sport horse. Definitely a stallion prospect! ***SOLD!***


'SOPHIE' born March 16, 2017...APHA tobiano DUN filly out of Stetson West and Chex Up in Smoke (Nu Chex to Cash bred). 'SOPHIE' was imprinted at birth then after an hour she was up and nursing. Big boned, big mature body and hip and gorgeous face markings and that beautiful rich dun color. She is major bred for performance in sire and dam with the quiet genetics of Stetson West and his beautiful movement. She will mature 15-3 and be the 'all around' performer, family horse, trail horse or using ranch riding prospect. Those new classes are just what she is bred and built to do. Another dream horse of a lifetime! SOLD!


'DYLAN' born 3-30-17...a grullo APHA Tobiano stud colt out of The Aztec Eagle and Two Timing Maxi. This beautiful colt will follow his other siblings in working ranch horse, trail horse and a quiet reined/cow horse prospect with talent for working with a quiet mind and beauty while doing it. Always one of those magic crosses she does with the Aztec Eagle. The 'all around' versatility ranch horse! SOLD! Congratulations Tony!


'Ladyhawk' born 3-31-17...a 'honey' colored Dun Homozygous APHA Tobiano filly out of 'QTS GALLANT GHOST' (Honey) and 'Big Gunner'. This filly is one beautiful replica of our favorite mare Honey. What a peaceful presence she has like her sweet mom. A pedigree to die for with size and a modern performance conformation with the most beautiful face and big kind eyes. A gift from above this one is. We loved working with her as she just wants to be with you nuzzling you. A real joy to have come our way. She'll do it all in anything you can dream of, and more. No two like her. SOLD! Going to an Equestrian Center in Indian Hills, CO. Congratulations Nicole Kralova on your purchase of this once in a lifetime filly!


'FIRELIGHT' born 3-24-17 an APHA Black and White Tobiano filly out of Firefly Nites and AQHA 'A Dash of Perks'. This filly is a real cracker. Oh my....she was only down for the imprinting and when done, she was immediately up on her feet dancing around and nursing within less than the first hour and has been dancing and spinning and sliding around her mom and her pen with a glint in her eye and a 'presence' you see in those horses who just love life and know that they are special and need to constantly show off with their talent and stand as if in the camera's lens for movie photos and stances. She is a real get up and go talented girl that makes you notice and not take your eyes off her. Cantering with a light glide across the pen out in front of mom stealing the show. She has exceptional talent and she knows it. She is the kind that reminds you of the horses that have wings come down from heaven to entertain us and bring us beauty and grace! SOLD! Going to Napa Valley, CA. CONGRATULATIONS SHERRILYN!


"CHARITY" Born March 12, 2017 "CHARITY"...'AQHA' Black filly out of 'A Dash of Perks'(barrel racing futurity winner from Texas), own son of Dash for Perks, dam 'Happy Times First' who is an own daughter of sire: First Down Mr. Jess x Feature Mr. Jess, by Mr. Jess Perry, x Streakin LaJolla, by Streakin Six, and her Dam is an own daughter of Tres Seis x Sixarun x Streakin Six .....with Chicks Beduino, by Beduino and First Down Dash piled deep in this mare's pedigree that says RUN all through and through of Legends in the QH world of racing and barrel producers. 'CHARITY'....certainly has what it takes to go to the top of the barrel racing world with style, class, beauty and genetics that dominate the world of speed in this event. Nothing but legs on this girl that will reach out farther and faster with a smile on her face at every turn! She is what dreams are made of and now can come true! SOLD! Congratulations to 3 Tribes Farm LLC who will go for top placings in pro barrels with her in Texas and to win at the AQHA Congress also when her training age starts! We'll be watching!


'FLY BOY' 2-26-17 AQHA Apricot Dun stud colt...'Flyboy' has arrived and is the first foal of the season. He is a gorgeous tall red dun colt out of AQHA Cokito (Lil Ruf Peppy and Hollywood Dun It bred) and AQHA 'A Dash of Perks' (..own son of Dash for Perks) who is a proven champion barrel racing stallion. This cute little Apricot dun colt is one fast speedster, once he was up...he didn't lay down again. Just wanted to speed around mom. He is already SOLD! to a barrel racer in Washington anxious to put him in the top rankings of this fast paced sport for which Flyboy is bred to do from both sire and dam. Congratulations Kirstie!!!

Photo Gallery of Last Year's Foals

I would like to thank the Good Lord for the wonderful crop of outstanding babies!