We hope you enjoy our mares that have been hand picked and selectively bred for their world class pedigrees in size, speed, conformation and natural cow instincts. They are all riding trained and proven in the performance disciplines of working ranch, roping, reining, racing, barrels and western pleasure horses. They have been used to develop a new line of genetic all around horses in the last three decades. Examining their pedigrees you will see that they have the desireable traits that have been found in the legendary horses from the beginning of time. That is why they are all bred to give them the conformation that holds up in and out of the arena, with the intelligence to match. These mares are the cornerstone of our program because they have been proven through test breeding since 1990.

William Woodward Sr. was right when he said many years ago, "Upon the quality of the mares depends the success of the stud."

Horse-wise Argentines have known all along that Woodward was right. And no one seems to know it better than Senora Victorica Roca, who has 180 broodmares at Ojo de Agua. Concerning 120 of these she says, "I wouldn't sell one of them for all the gold in the world." The senora has sold a 2-year-old Aristophanes colt to Mike Phipps for $120,000, and she estimates that the full brother of Forli that she plans to sell this fall should bring between $250,000 and $300,000. "After the sale to Mike Phipps," she says, "Tim Vigors came to me from England, and so did my countrymen Julio and Carlos Menditeguy, who were buying for Rex Ellsworth. They wanted to buy my best mares, but I was firm and told them all, 'If you lose your mares you lose everything.' "she stands the French stallion Cardanil II along with Aristophanes at Ojo de Agua." (Taken from BEST RACEHORSES IN ALL THE WORLD in Sports Illustrated...VAULT...May 01, 1967).