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Although similar to the cream, pearl and dun dilutions, the Champagne gene has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other dilutions. Common characteristics of a Champagne horse include pinkish freckled or mottled skin, a shiny coat that is often slightly darker in the winter, and a hazel eye color. Champagne horses are typically born with a blue eye color that evolves to a hazel or an amber color and pink skin that becomes darker and more freckled over time, especially around the eyes and muzzle. Gold champagne: chestnut/sorrel based horses are diluted to gold. Full coat modification occurs leading to uniform dilution of the body. Additionally, the gold horse will often have a flaxen mane and tail. Gold champagne horses are visually similar to chestnut-based horses modified by the cream gene (Palominos). Champagne dilution is caused by a dominant gene, meaning that a horse with a single copy of the Champagne gene will have Champagne characteristics. Unlike cream dilution, there are no visual differences between a horse with one copy or two copies of Champagne. A homozygous Champagne horse will always pass one copy of the Champagne gene to its foal. Heterozygous horses have a 50% chance of passing the gene on to their foals.

NEVADA CHAMPAGNE "Vegas" is a 2013 APHA dark gold champagne homozygous tobiano filly (A/a, TT, n/Ch, ee) by Champagne Party Bug, a gorgeous Amber Champagne Tobiano stallion. He is a beautiful stallion that is just starting his show career. Vegas has proven Halter, Western Pleasure, Ranch Horse, Working Cowhorse, Barrel Racing, English Pleasure, Race, Trail, Heading, Heeling, and Cutting in her pedigree. She should mature 15-2 plus and shows her athletic ability and intelligence in her willingness to please and handle the pressure of the show ring with grace and beauty. She is a rare gold champagne which is a dominant gene that dilutes the body base color known as the 'Champagne' factor. Vegas has had 90 days professional training with Cadence Performance Horses in Washington state and was successfully shown in Open classes in Halter, In-Hand Trail and Lunge Line. She was also shown in 4H by one of Sarahs students. We love the fact that she is out of the line of our Nevada Wardrum stallion now standing in England and out of a son of Nevada we bred for all around performance. A pedigree that can do anything and with style, size, movement and her rare color gene. SHOW RECORD 1ST SHOW WITH CADENCE PERFORMANCE HORSES: 1ST HALTER - 1ST SHOWMANSHIP - 2ND IN HAND TRAIL 2ND SHOW - SHOWN BY MCKENZIE MILLER - 3RD SHOWMANSHIP - 2ND LUNGE LINE - 2ND IN HAND TRAIL (YOUNGEST HORSE AT THE SHOW AND WAS SO CALM, NOTHING PHASES HER)