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Established in 1990, the Homozygous Paint Horses for sale at The Spotted Fawn Paint and Quarter Horse Ranch are among the finest performance and pleasure Paint horses in the world! I have concentrated on improving equine genetics for over 3 decades while upgrading my remuda of performance horses. They carry the latest modern AQHA all around performance bloodlines (barrel racing, reining, ranch versatility, cutting and roping) of Dash for Perks, Perks Alive, Frenchmans Guy, Dash Ta Fame, Judge Cash, Playgun, Dual Pep, On the Money Red, Bugs Alive in 75, Mr. Jess Perry, Tres Seis, Sixarun, Streakin La Jolla, Streakin Six, Heza Fast Man, Nu Chex to Cash, Big Step, Hollywood Jac 86, Lil Ruf Peppy, Hollywood Dun It, Gallo del Ciello, Shining Spark, First Down Dash, Royal Blue Boon, Like a Diamond and Grays Starlight lines. Our APHA stallions include an own son of The Big Gun, (by Colonels Smoking Gun). As a result, these "once in a lifetime" horses can be found starting in England as English/Jumpers in International Riding Camps in upstate New York, as polo horses in England and Argentina, on breeding ranches in Costa Rica and Australia, on show ranches in California, as barrel racers, winning in reining shows, running on race tracks in Germany, as roping horses in rodeos or working cattle on large Montana ranches. They all have gentle, loving dispositions, athletic conformation, plenty of speed, cow sense and learn very quickly.

Wendy Malone....Professional horse trainer and clinician in gentle training/and imprinting foals, Farrier work, Vet tech and Vet assistant training, Horse Show Judge, Equine Consultant in genetics/DNA, and Breeding AQHA/APHA show horses.

Wendy spent the first half of her life on a working cattle and AQHA breeding ranch in eastern Oregon. She began her professional career in Equine studies and farrier training. She took professional QH horse racing and show training under top 10 trainers in the U.S. then went on to Veterinarian tech/assistant education training. Wendy also trained to become a horse show judge in many disciplines and worked as such in many western States. She studied equine genetics and became a consultant and worked with labs doing DNA studies. She managed large show horse ranches and working cattle ranches to train their rope and cutting horses in everyday work all over the west. For sheer enjoyment, she showed in eventing of hunter/jumper/dressage and barrel racing across the Western states along with rodeo events in team roping.

It was important to Wendy to be well educated in all things equine with all breeds so she could help the horse be all they could be through gentle training and understanding them in their own wild state. From her early training with Native Americans, she learned how to desensitize foals from birth so they could become accustomed to our world of unnatural situations they would have to face one she produced and starred in "A Member of the Herd", an international video on the correct method of Foal Imprinting to understand the horse from their perspective.

She spent the last 26 years of her life putting all that education, training and exprerience into developing the "Wendy line" of modern Paints and Quarter Horses that could compete in the all around world of show and using horses that would hold up for many generations. Gently trained horses that were done correctly in type and genetics to consistently reproduce the highest athletic ability that would excel in all areas with size and smooth movement. Her horses always exhibit an intelligent, quiet working disposition for easy training. As her husband Gary has often said, "Consistent excellence like Wendy's line of horses is certainly no accident!", rather it is due to her God given talent and many years of hard work and training.

Wendy Malone
3028 Mittower Rd.
Victor, MT 59875
Ranch (406) 642-3700 or cell (406) 239-8833
email: or

If you are looking for any of the "Designer Colors" without compromising quality then you will find them here! In addition to the rare "Silver gened horses", I am currently producing APHA Blue Roan Tobianos, Dun Tobianos, Dun/Roan Tobianos, Dunalinos, Dunskins, Buckskin Tobianos, Grullas, Silver Grullas with a Cream gene, Blue Roan and Grullo Quarter Horses, Buttermilk Dun and Black Quarter Horses, along with Red Roan and Bay Roan and AQHA offspring to include dilutes and creme genes. To check out some of these, try the following links.


Summer of 2017....of a Spotted Fawn colt.... Yep you read that right! Derringer got awarded a Grand Champion and Reserve champion and two blue ribbons. Our first event of the day was Showmanship. All older horses were in the class besides Derringer. For his being his first year and him being only a year and a half, he won over almost all the other horses and got a Reserve champion. I was very very happy with him. He responded nicely to everything i was doing. Our next one was the yearling showmanship in hand and got a blue ribbon. The next event was the trail in hand, which he was a total dreamboat. He responded to everything perfect which we were awarded the grand Champion. We also had a yearling evaluation which he got a blue ribbon. I was very pleased with him. We got many complements on how great he was! I am surely blessed with the best! Magdalena Ringer..Age 14 in the 9th grade.

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Summer of 2017 in Germany of our special mare Timeless and her dun paint foal out of Stetson West: We had a breeding show yesterday and I showed Timeless and her new filly (BC Tru Lakota Spirit aka Haley J). Timeless was included into the PHCG’s breeding book for mares (PHCG = Paint Horse Club Germany) and Haley won the filly class. She has grown quite big. Resembles her father very much. Many greetings from Germany and special regards from Timeless, Tanja


Summer of 2017....Another winner from Spotted Fawn... Hi Wendy, Just wanted to share a couple of photos that we finally got to take of Patriot (Cokito X Aztec Eagle)at a show this past Sunday. The photos are with his trainer on board. He did very well this weekend for being so young and she received mostly all 8's and the judge commented that he was capable of 9's with experience. I also showed him for the first time and we were 1st out of 4 in Intro Test 1 with a score of 68.863. Not bad for our first time out together. Kathie Pacheco...FLORIDA

Summer of 2017...A Big Gunner colt sold to Texas, now a yearling.... Here's Sheriff (Banjo) his first time to get a saddle. He did absolutely great with it. He didn't try anything, never got scared. Sheriff is the most laid back horse I have ever owned. To be 18 months he acts like a 15 year old horse. He is so lovable, I catch myself loving on him so much I just can't help it. We absolutely love him! Thank you so much Wendy! Your horses are the best hope you enjoy the picture. We will be sending some pictures of Slade soon.


Oct. 2017....Two Spotted Fawn colts out of Stetson West now grown up: Last night was our town Halloween parade. Told the boys we would ride the horses through since they were so excited about it. So we decorated the horses like Indian war horses my friend Katie and I were cowgirls my youngest Keith was an Indian warrior and my oldest KJ was Spider-Man. Pretty good for a stallion whose 2 years old and hasn't been saddled in 10 weeks, took him in the parade rode him with a three-year-old on with me he never once looked at anything walk through like he's been doing it every day of his life. Another reason why I love your horses. We were even riding behind ambulances that had their lights on maybe a distance of 15 ft in front of us, have I ever told you how much I love these horses. Here's some pics for you to enjoy hope everything's going well at the ranch love you. Liz from PA.

"...APRIL 25, 2016 JUST IN!...Our show is over and we are heading home with THREE National Championships - 'Nevada's Smoking Gun' won the Ranch Reining, Ranch Boxing and Ranch Riding, with a third in the Ranch Trail and we finalled in the Ranch Sorting!!! We will be home tomorrow and give you photos and full update SOOOO proud of him xxxx" Kyla

...Congratulations to Fernleigh Paints of Australia on their "own son" of our Big Gunner stallion once again proving his world class ability as a top show performance stallion. Big Gunner is once again a National Champion producing sire!


November 2016...From Medea Maclean in Nova Scotia... "Hello Wendy, I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how wonderful QTS Rhinestone Cowboy truly is. 'Stone' and I recently attended a big clinic in our area and he was a rockstar. Never put a foot wrong and now has a fan club lol. He is an incredibly kind and generous horse. Any issues were all pilot error lol and he is so forgiving."


"I am getting ready to start 'Song' of the Dove under saddle this winter. I really have no words to explain her personality. She is beautiful inside and out. The kindest and most loving filly ever. Thank-you so much for these horses, Medea"


November 2016...From Corinne Leslie...owner of the Los Angeles, CA., Olympic Equestrian Center: Thought you'd like to see a picture of JJ Flash (Timeless X Stetson West) without a saddle so you could see how beautiful he is. Doing amazing in both jumping and cow sorting! You are breeding not only beautiful horses but super athletes too.


Another success story of the versatility that the Spotted Fawn Paint horses are known for. Our horse MONEY was sold to a client who is taking him to great heights in an 'all around' performer who does it all and at a young age. Congratulations EMILY COOK!

In her own words, this just came in: "Everyone is amazed at him sleeping at the barrel races and then I have to wake him up to go run. He is a very level headed horse with the arena and competition and it has spoiled me for sure. I am still using him for ranch work and he is good at that. I love the speed he has to chase after a bad cow and get them turned in the right direction and he doesn't ever quit me. I am still super happy that I decided to buy Money. I really enjoy him and he has taught me lots. I am going to share a couple videos from this year running barrels. He came a long ways this year and I am super excited to see what we will do next year. I am happy with where we ended up in a series this year. We won two buckles in his first year running barrels. Emily"

October, 2016...JUST IN!...

Presenting 'Salsa' (red roan tobiano filly) who was bred and exported to Ellie Kuun's Polo program (Chapel Hill Stud Farm) in England from the Spotted Fawn Paint Ranch in Montana and how thrilled we are to see her advancing in this amazing sport that is dominated by TBs because it takes such great stamina and ability in mind and body to perform. Thank you Ellie for sharing our fillies career in this new generation of PAINTED POLO PONIES....sure to be more coming in Ellie's future program with our stud Gabriel we exported to Ellie as her main breeding stallion of Polo Paint Horses.

"Salsa is in training at Ham Polo Club which is the only polo club in London. She is being trained and ridden by Will Healy. Salsa won her tournament as the BEST PLAYING POLO PONY. Will goes to Argentina every winter where he runs an established and very successful breeding operation over there and then imports a few top ponies back to the UK each year to play polo with. Ellie of Chapel Farm Stud in England will be crossing Gabriel on a few of these top playing mares (who have come over from Argentina) to produce the next generation playing ponies, with a splash of Paint of course! Will also has a 4 year old in training by Gabriel out of one of his special mares...we'll be watching!

May 22, 2016...JUST IN!... Dear Wendy - Well they talked me into jumping JJ (Jumpin Jack Flash by Stetson West and Timeless). So we pulled his mane and off we went to his first show. He was absolutely AMAZING!! Another athlete from Wendy. Trainers loved him. In fact the ones that knew of Arrow asked if he was by the same sire. Alyssa gave him a big hug for being so good. Corinne (Los Angeles Equestrian Olympic Center). *****NOTE: Just another example of Stetson West's versatility and ability to produce champions in every area of discipline around the world year after year!
"...APRIL 25, 2016 JUST IN!...Our show is over and we are heading home with THREE National Championships - 'Nevada's Smoking Gun' won the Ranch Reining, Ranch Boxing and Ranch Riding, with a third in the Ranch Trail and we finalled in the Ranch Sorting!!! We will be home tomorrow and give you photos and full update SOOOO proud of him xxxx" Kyla

...Congratulations to Fernleigh Paints of Australia on their "own son" of our Big Gunner stallion once again proving his world class ability as a top show performance stallion. Big Gunner is once again a National Champion producing sire!

Enchanted Dove, is now on the way to her new home in China! Dove is out of an own daughter of The Aztec Eagle. This pic was taken at the 2014 MWHA Futurity where she got Futurity Champion for Futurity Yearling Class. She was also Reserve Champion for the show season for MWHA and MSC Horse Clubs for Yearling Halter. Congratulations Kintzel Paints!

Nevada's Smoking Gun (Motown) that we exported to Australia to: Fernleigh Paint Horse Stud, has just had his first foal that is a gorgeous brown and white tobiano filly. Her picture at birth and a comment by one of the many FB friends of Kyla and Andy. Congratulations!!! They have named her 'Paris' for the remembrance of the beauty of the people and their enduring spirit and for all of us worldwide that love and support them in this time of great trial and grief. WE STAND WITH YOU PARIS! Lucy Willow of: Gold Coast, Queensland....Australia on November 16, 2015 stated: "Beautifully named and beautifully bred: little baby Paris. Of all the stallions I've met, Motown is 100% my favourite-cuddliest demeanour and who doesn't love the Spotted Fawn horses - and this is his first little baby and she is such a little mini-me of both her parents. So cute, love the black white black white mane. So happy for my lovely friends Kyla and Andy and can't wait to watch little Paris grow." Lucy Willow


QT Poco Bridger, son of Aztec Eagle, LOVE this boy, two first place ribbons and a second in the Championship class. Dicksie Tremlin


'RIDIN A STETSON'...2015 APHA Buckskin weanling stud colt, now owned by Elizabeth Stone of Pennsylvania who after arriving at her farm was entered into the show circuit and his results: "He is such a gentleman! The judge loved him! First place! And the class was 2 yr and under! He beat the two yr olds! LIZ Liz will be standing him as a breeding/show stallion due to his being homozygous tobiano and the quality that comes from the Spotted Fawn Paint ranch that is consistent in producing winners.


'Nevada's Smoking Gun' (by our own Big Gunner)aka "Motown" competing at the PHAA National Show in 2015. Motown was awarded the Junior Ranch Horse Versatility Australian National Champion, placing first in the reining, boxing and pleasure sections of the event, and second (by half a point!) in the trail. Motown also won Reserve National Champion in the Ranch Sorting event. This was Motown's first show, and he surpassed all our expectations! Ridden by Daniel Gorman and owned by Fernleigh Paint Horse Stud. Thanks Wendy for allowing Motown to come to Australia!


'Ahhhh!!! I LOVE MY MONTANA BRED HORSES!!! We cleaned house with Nugget (APHA 'The West Dun In Gold'...out of Stetson West) tonight! 7 classes and all 1,2,3rds in classes! Also going to the championships at the state show now in barrels......and as you can see he placed among the top out of 23 tough competitors in it! Elizabeth Stone from Pennsylvania.


'Glacier Bay' 2013 APHA colt by our own Big Gunner "Wendy, Hope all is well with you and your horses. Want to share this picture and let you know how thrilled I've been with this colt. We've had him under saddle about 40 days now, he's been such a good boy. He takes all of this in stride, show him once or twice and he's got it, ask and he'll try. He does great on trail rides, more solid than some of the more experienced horses. A 9 yr old lead horse, spooked from behind and started to dart. I just said "easy, easy" and he just continued on. He has so much confidence and smarts. He's a sweet, beautiful boy. I just love him to death. Thanks again for your wonderful breeding program, he is all that I hoped. I can't believe I have another horse as wonderful as Boss in my barn. Kimberly and Glacier" (in Ohio)


Congratulations to Maureen Christopher on the purchase of Color Me Quick Cash - aka 'Trendy' - it was a very difficult decision to let him go, but he has gone to the best home possible and everyone at Spotted Fawn is excited about his future. There isn't any other stud in the world like him with his rare genetics and fabulous depth of breeding, he is one in a million!

In her own words, Maureen recently wrote... "We absolutely love Trendy. He is well into the training program and is a natural. Eber loves him. We have 5 mares in foal to him for 2016. Can't wait to see these babies. He is a gentleman to handle, has no bad habits. We are going to take 5 outside mares to him in 2016. His book will be limited as we want to keep him in training also. I just wanted to keep you posted. Hope this finds you well and happy. My Best Always, Maureen"


NEWSFLASH! July 2015 "Legacy", our ranch raised AQHA Buckskin gelding out of our stallion, Nu Bars Bueno and Jamaica Rose is showing his barrel racing bred in talent for his first Rodeo run here, ridden, owned and loved by Stephanie Fallgreen of Montana. He is on his way to a 1D Barrel horse for the future... and... isn't he gorgeous doing it!!


Just in from Fernleigh Paints in Australia..."Dear Wendy Here are some pics of Nevada's Smoking Gun (Motown) I wanted to share with you. These were taken yesterday (March 17 2014) on the day we picked him up from the trainer. He has been with professional horseman and reining trainer Wayne Williams for a few months and has exceeded all our expectations with his progress. Motown has maturity and softness well beyond his years, with a wonderful trainable mind and a sweet, gentle temperament. He is easy to get along with and is easily the most comfortable horse I have ridden in 40 years of riding. We are so grateful to have him in our lives and could not have done it without your support and advice, thanks Wendy!! Kyla and Andy Fay" Fernleigh Paints

"TOO MUCH BLING" Our ranch raised Black AQHA stallion we trained, bred and then sold to Los Angeles to the owner of the Olympic Equestrian Center who has year after year taken him to the top in the Show jumping world of the elite competitors from all over the country in which 'Montana' takes top standing above and beyond expectations. World class every time and a half brother to our own Jamaica out of our Top Moon son we stood. Nothing but LEGENDS in these horses. Enjoy the video clip and turn up the sound!

TOO MUCH BLING Hi Wendy - Here is a video of Montana in the AA Classic this past weekend, (July 2013) Montana @ Del Mar AA Classic He ended up 2nd out of 24 riders. The show was at Showpark in Del Mar. Hope all is well. Corinne


Arizona Mounted Rangers: An elite team of the most well trained and well equipped men with the finest horses serving to protect its citizens with Law Enforcement agencies. What Luiz Pereira, the State Equine Director said about his own Aztec Dtr. he bought from the Spotted Fawn Paint ranch while using her as an Arizona Ranger horse in their mounted patrol: (July 2013) ........ Santa Fe is a natural mounted horse - she is now my Ranger Partner and in training - she aims to please and learns fast - rides like a Porsche and hovers like a chopper - I love her dedication and wonderful heart - she will be part of our State duties as a demo horse - as we go around Arizona setting up mounted units - she will also perform search and rescues as soon as she gets her training - be in parades - police detail - and serve as PR to our recruiting - she is in deed a wonderful horse & partner! We are volunteers in LEA to all branches of law enforcement community - for more information visit us at: Thanks Wendy for sending this wonderful horse to me! AZ Rangers - Mounted 1st. Lt. Luiz Pereira

Another happy client of her horse from the Spotted Fawn Paint Ranch and her story......(July 2013) I own a horse named Hollywood in Color, that was bred by you. He is a dream, I have never had such a wonderful horse, he was my son's horse for a coupe of years and now volunteers with me at a PATH International certified therapeutic riding center. He is such an amazing horse that I am considering purchasing a foal from you and was wondering if you had any foals left and one that may also someday have the disposition to be a therapy horse/family horse. If you have nothing available this season, I would love to stay in touch with you on your 2014 foals. I just can't tell you how much we love this horse and what joy he brings to the disabled children he serves, he knows that his work is important and he takes awesome care of his rider and then loves to have a little fun on the trail or playing around in the arena with mom. Kimberly Caplinger of Lebanon, Ohio

OUR OWN "AMOS" IS BECOMING FAMOUS!(Out of "The Aztec Eagle" and our own AQHA mare, "Shawnee's Kitten")...was sold to Melanie, Secretary of the Lexington, Kentucky Olympic Equestrian Center, and she wrote... ************ ************* *********** ************* ******** *********** ********* I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to send you some new pictures of Amos and my mother. they started showing in the western pleasure this fall and did very well. Amos is a wonderful horse and adapts perfectly to every situation he is in. He stands 16.2 hands and is very thick but beautiful. Best wishes to you and I can't wait to see your new crop of babies again in the spring. Regards, Melanie Fransen & Lorna Mathews


Hi Wendy, Just wanted to share these pics of Gabriel taken today at his first dressage competition. He did pretty well seeing as he has only been back in work for just over a week after a busy covering season so was rather thrown in at the deep end! He is so mature looking now, big and gorgeous!! He was ridden by the girl who owns the stud where we take him to do the AI...she loves him and can't get over his amazing temperament! :)....Ellie (Owner of Chapel Farm Polo Paint Horses of Cornwall, England)

One of our stallions,"COLOR ME BOON" (by an own son of Color Me Smart and a daughter of Shots Flying Spark) sold to Dr. Cynthia Furse, Associate Vice President for Research & Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Utah who wrote the following with the above pic... ************* ************* *********** *************** ************* *********** ****** Boon IS doing well. He now generally comes when I call, is neck reining a good portion of the time, moving off leg almost all the time. And (hooray hooray!) he always gets in the trailer with no issue whatsoever. He is happy to be out on the trail, leading, following, whatever. He was quite hyped on the cattle drive at first, even before we got to the cows. By the end of the day, I think someone said it was 17 miles they did, though I thought it was more like 12, he had it dialed in, was voluntarily keeping his part of the herd together and moving and was no longer fretting about the chaos or the other horses.We drove the herd of about 200 cows down the freeway with big Walmart trucks having to ‘wait up’ for us, a motorcycle helping with the herding, and all of the commotion of more people and vehicles. Then through the edge of town, past the houses and lawns. It was a pretty big day for him, not so much in distance, but in concentration, and he was really happy to cut loose and roll in his pasture. Boon is super easy to train, even with my minimal experience, and is confident of about anything. Today we rode about 15 miles around a reservoir with 3 friends. Anyway, thought you’d enjoy his further adventures. Cindy

**JUST IN!** 02/24/2012...Our own 16 hand Grulla Paint gelding, "STETSONS WEST COUNTRY" (out of Stetson West and our mare Cash Printer) has an update from his owner Emily Carmey of Michigan. In her own words... "I emailed you a while back about my horse "Cash" that came from your farm. I just wanted to give you a little update on his progress :) You should take great pride in the bloodline you have perfected because Cash is amazing. He is almost 5 now and from personality to movement he has it all. We showed this past October at the Buckskin Congress and placed top in everything we went in! (including Western and English Pleasure) I have attached pictures from the show. God bless. -Emily Carmey"... **The competition in this association also includes AQHA horses.**

**NEWS FLASH!** 11/23/2011...APHA "STARDUST", Another one of our own sons of The Aztec Eagle we raised and sold to Emily shown here riding to another win in Barrel Racing showing his powerful speed due to her hat landing under him! He's moving on to Arizona to become a 1D Barrel Horse! Just another example of the high performance offspring of our stallions!


**NEWS FLASH!** 11/9/2011...APHA "NEVADA QUEEN", one of our fillies out of Nevada Wardrum, being shown here in Washington exhibiting her reining expertise by her owners' trainer. She has been a real class act in all her shows!


**SUPER NEWS FLASH! June 21, 2011, The world famous Monty Roberts of the "Join up" training method came to the Spotted Fawn Paint Ranch to find some quality Paints for his International training program in Solvang, CA. He chose three of my "good boys" shown above. Razz and Bear are two year old Paint stallions started under saddle, and our last foal left for sale, a grulla Tobiano colt named Chase. Check out Monty's website for his world class intern programs and future clinics at Monty Roberts Congratulations Monty and Pat Roberts!


**NEWS FLASH! CONGRATULATIONS Corki Stokka and Branson! Shown here at the IPHC State Show and Futurities, held in Des Moines where she and the yearling Homozygous Buckskin Tobiano showed very well in amateur Longe Line against very stiff competition! Corki said, "Thank you for Branson and his wonderful beginnings. It shows".


One of our ranch bred Homozygous Tobiano stallions, QT Tru Shot of Jac is now standing at the Puggins Mountain Paint Ranch at Dawson Creek, BC, Canada! We wish Brandi great success in her breeding program. You can watch for his 2012 foals at Puggins Mountain Paint Ranch


**NEWS FLASH! June 16, 2011, The Aztec Eagle has done it again!! Our own Aztec daughter, we raised and sold to Kintzel Paint Show Horses in Iowa has again for the second time in history produced a WORLD CHAMPION Tobiano Halter mare from their stud. Shirley Kintzel at the PtHA World Show in Tulsa, OK just gave me the news: "I am in Tulsa, OK, at the Pinto World Show and today Skylark was judged 3 and 4 year old Tobiano Mare PINTO WORLD CHAMPION. That makes two of Aztec's grand babies that are World Champions:) There were 4 in her class but she did a wonderful job! She looked sooooo good!" Her brother, A Rare Diamond (pictured at right above) went to the 2008 APHA World Show and was the first Tobiano ever to win the title of World Champion! Congratulations to Kintzel Paints!


**NEWS FLASH! June 11, 2011. Our own ranch bred filly by Nu Bars Bueno and The Aztec Eagle is shown here as a yearling in the largest annual Equine Expo in England! Her owner, Ellie Kuun who has the Chapel Farm Polo Paint Horses of Cornwall, England said; "Well, we had a really great day at the show today and we came 4th! (out of 18)... Florida (Lass x Bueno) was amazingly well behaved seeing as it was her first ever show and this one is BIG...(130,000 people over 3 days....!). I'm so so proud of her, she was so well behaved and she trotted up beautifully for the judge and it was the first time that she had ever been in a trailer as well. A big achievement for a western bred horse against top English bred horses!!...she did us proud Wendy!! What a little star!!!...Ellie."

JUST IN...Here is an own daughter of The Aztec Eagle who has completed her basic driving training in Idaho at the young age of 3...another testament to the all around performance abilities of the Spotted Fawn offspring! An amazing feat for any saddle horse of this age to accomplish with such grace and beauty! CONGRATULATIONS Warren Cowley for seeing the realization of your lifelong dream that is here now!

**NEWS FLASH! June 14, 2011. Our own Montana Nighthawk AQHA Black gelding (continuing in our AQHA Hall of Fame Top Moon line) now owned by Corinne Leslie of Sonsy Farms in Chino, CA who is the owner/trainer of the famous Los Angeles Olympic Equestrian Center; "Hi Wendy - Thought you'd like to see your boy jumping 4' at an "A" circuit show in Del Mar. He placed 4th out of 36 riders in a Modified Jr/Am stake class. He really loves what he is doing. We are planning on showing him in a $25,000 stake class in late October in Del Mar." CONGRATULATIONS Corinne on another milestone in his jumping career!


**NEWS FLASH! June 2011. SOLD! Arrow is now in Arizona being ridden and shown by a 9 year old girl there! Corinne Leslie at the Los Angeles Olympic Equestrian Center said that "ARROW"...2007 APHA Black and White Tobiano gelding out of The Aztec Eagle and "Shawnee's Kitten" AQHA, just won his first Baby Green Hunter class a couple of weeks ago! She said that he is now qualified to go to the Champ shows for Orange County and San Diego in Baby Green. He is a fantastic animal! Everyone loves him! Nobody can believe any 3 year old horse could be so well mannered and willing! He stands 15.2H now and probably will make 15.3H...


THE WEST DUN IN GOLD"We got 1st in barrels, 2nd in 50 dash, 3rd in keyhole & 5th in poles! this was the SECOND time i have asked him to really run hard for time. Second show of running hard and did amazing! He is one talented lil horse! This was an open show, ten+ people in each class! Liz" **Congratulations Liz Oppel of Pennsylvania on another successful show in Williamsburg, PA on June 5, 2011 on "Nugget" by our champion producing stallion, Stetson West. Nugget was sold to her as a weanling, and he is now a 4 year old showing the consistency of Stetson West's offspring in the show arena!


WOW! GABRIEL'S GHOST (one of our stallions sold to Cornwall, England) out of Sampson and Honey showing his talent as he prepares to be shown this season. Ellie Kuun of Chapel Stud Farm is extremely impressed with how he is advancing so quickly under saddle in these first few weeks of training as a coming 4 year old! His first crop of foals all sold in 2010, and he is all ready booked for 2011. CONGRATULATIONS Ellie!


AND ... FROM CALIFORNIA ... here is an own daughter of The Aztec Eagle out of one of my mares who is cleaning up in Extreme Trail Class competition there! Congratulations Linda Horn and Kiki from Yorba Linda on your many wins! Another fine example of the consistent qualities from the selective breeding program at the Spotted Fawn that creates versatility in every area of performance!

***In the pic on the right above, Kiki and Linda went to 2 ACTHA events last weekend and took 2nd against 30 riders. Linda mentioned that Kiki loves to jump, and does it well. In her words, "What a horse."***

AND THIS ONE IN KENTUCKY ... "Foxfire" (The Aztec Eagle and Jamaica Rose AQHA) who went from doing well in the cutting horse pen Jan. 10, 2011 to his first jumping lesson! His owners at the Johnson and Johnson Stables in Kentucky were amazed at his natural talent in both disciplines at such a young age! Check out his video here: Foxfire in flight


**NEWS FLASH! My own "SHOULDABINACOWGIRL"...(Sage)...2010 APHA Homozygous Dun Tobiano filly out of Stetson West and "Flopsy" is going to the HARAS BUEY RENDA Paint Horse Ranch in Paraguay and Argentina!(Congratulations Margarita!) Follow this link to see her new home! HARAS BUEY RENDA Paint Horse Ranch


"Jag" (a grandson of The Aztec Eagle) was bred and raised on the Spotted Fawn then was sold to Rhonda Berglund as an English prospect. He is 4 years old in these pictures when he and Rhonda (a local show girl), took second place in both shows at their second Dressage show at the Missoula Equestrian Park in August 2010! CONGRATULATIONS Rhonda and Jag!!


Wendy Malone *** Equine Consultant, Breeder, Trainer, Clinician, Owner ***

Wendy Malone was raised on a foundation Quarter Horse and cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon. At the age of 18, she began her horse training career as an apprentice to a Native American horse trainer who taught her how to understand and gently train wild horses. She spent three years studying wild mustangs in their natural habitat in Eastern Oregon. During the following 25 years she learned from and trained with some of the top 10 trainers in the U.S.

Her experience includes training and showing two year old snaffle bit futurity American Quarter Horse Association horses at San Francisco's Cow Palace, training AQHA racehorses at New Mexico's Ruidoso Downs, working the Pattersons' 300 Arabian brood mare barn, and working for five years as an equine veterinarian's assistant in Oregon.

Wendy trained a variety of U.S. breeds, in both English and Western styles, on show ranches in the western states before she moved to Montana. For more than a decade, she has owned and operated the Spotted Fawn Paint and Quarter Horse Ranch, where she raises American Paint Horse Association and American Quarter Horses for show, performance, pleasure and ranch work.

Wendy has written articles for two separate Western Horse magazines published in Germany, for the Peruvian Paso magazine published in English and Spanish, for the Natural Horse magazine, made the definitive foal imprinting instructional video tape "MEMBER OF THE HERD" in May 1998, has shared the headliner space in Equine Expos with Cleve Wells and other great trainers of modern times.

She has also written a true story about the extraordinary bond between her and a magnificent wild horse, "Stormy". It is currently in the hands of a number of publishers and movie makers, but not yet published.

Communicating with horses was a God given talent she received at birth, and she is always willing to share her knowledge with all who ask. She is an exceptional teacher and trainer. Published Cowboy Poet, John Dial put it ever so succinctly when he wrote the following...


She calms the wild spirit with soft words
and work roughened, gentle hands,
touching the trembling flank,
softly stroking in concert with secrets
whispered in the silken ear that hears
and understands…"She is one of us."
Equine spirits in misty valleys of eons past
know her, this whispering leader of ancient herds.

Tousled hair bleached blond
by scores of Montana summer suns,
Crow's feet born of a thousand smiles,
pale blue eyes that see and understand
while we can only marvel at the seeming magic
of pinned ears and wild eye
transformed into quiet acquiescence.

Friends touched by her generous
and warm heart know her as Wendy,
but those whose equine ancestors
roamed the ancient grassy plains
and misty valleys know her as
their kindred spirit, the Whisperer.

John Dial